Personal data protection act (6698 P.K.) SCOPE AND GENERAL




(briefly in this agreement

Referred to as” BOBYLAND".)

On the other hand, data is shared, customers and suppliers and product services, distributors,

dealers, employees, employee candidates, interns, service providers and consultants (this

the contract is briefly referred to as” employees and others". between

they agreed on the following terms.


Written or oral service agreement concluded between the parties (hereinafter “service

AGREEMENT” as referred to.) the subject of this agreement, which is an octet, is the service

in relation to the work carried out by workers and others under the contract

information and documents provided by bobyland (Data Officer) to workers and others in BOBYLAND

personal data without the consent or express consent of workers and others, specially qualified

personal data and General Data to any third natural and/or legal person

privacy that will prevent disclosure, access, issuance, and leakage

it is the determination of its boundaries and conditions.


Information belonging to the person who finds the definition in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data

Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, identified or

all kinds of health information about the identifiable natural person, race, ethnicity, political

thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, disguise and outfit, Association, Foundation or

da union membership, health, sex life, criminal convictions and security measures related to

biometric and genetic data with data.

By BOBYLAND during the jobs/tasks/services defined in the service contract

idea, project, expertise information, design, invention, work method and patent, copyright explained to the worker

any right, trademark, trade secret, know how or other legal protection subject to or not

all commercial, financial, technical, written or oral innovations to be learned during the work

information and methods of communication are considered confidential information.


4.1. In accordance with the employer's service contract, the employee fully and fully performs his / her work

it undertakes to bring and provide all necessary information and documents to the worker.

4.2. Because the confidential information disclosed to the employer and others is incomplete or incorrect

the employee is responsible for any deficiencies, delays or failures that may arise

he accepts and undertakes that he cannot be held.

4.3 confidential information and documents disclosed to him by Bobyland to workers and others

he knows that there is, and therefore only he will know the confidential information in question, and the work

a third person, institution, or person who is likely to contribute during the fulfillment phase

organizations will only be aware of confidential information as required by the work, this information and

a third natural and/or legal person without the permission of BOBYLAND in any way, and

it accepts and undertakes that it will not be disclosed to organizations other than for working purposes.


4.4. Workers and others likely to contribute during work fulfillment phase

persons, institutions or organizations contrary to the privacy principles provided for in this agreement

that third party, institution or organization in question shall be liable for their conduct

he will comply with the principles of privacy, if he is aware of violations, immediately and

it agrees and undertakes to notify BOBYLAND in writing of such violation.

4.5. Disclosure and access of confidential information and personal data in violation of this agreement

environment for the seizure of information by providing, leaking or similar behavior

if provided, BOBYLAND will resort to all legal means, provided that the costs belong to the employee

and he has the right to demand the relief of any damage he has suffered from the worker and others.


5.1. This agreement, which is an octet of the service contract, is signed by the parties at the date of its signature

obligations arising from this agreement will enter into force of the service agreement

it will continue as long as it remains valid.

5.2. Even in the event of termination of the service agreement, this Agreement shall terminate the service agreement

from the date of erme, information about the business and products and personal data become anonymous

except for those that have been brought and information that is authorized by BOBYLAND, and except for the consent of the personal data owner

it will remain valid as privacy and protection of personal data indefinitely.


This agreement is written by the parties that may have previously been specifically made with respect to privacy

and/or all oral contracts (information not counted here and patents and similar inventions

except contracts) replaces. Contract changes can only be made in writing.


The parties have stated in the contracts, documents and texts to which this agreement refers

addresses are addresses that are suitable for notification, and any changes are made in writing to the opposite party

notices to be addressed to these addresses are legally valid as long as they are not declared



This agreement consists of 8 (eight) articles and is free between the parties

it was read and accepted by their will.