We are a big team who firstly loves our furry friends.

We have established bobyland.com by combining our international trade experience and infrastructure, which we have gained since our establishment year 2007, when we operate in more than one sector.

In Turkey, all animal lovers will be able to shop with confidence, everything he wants to consult when it should have created a platform.

When our target was so big, we had to work very meticulously.

We made our sense of love and responsibility for cats and dogs into the principles of bobyland.com.

Our priority is to provide products and services that will improve their quality of life.

That's why we're looking at every product you've seen on bobyland.com in detail.

We only offer the world-proven brands on bobyland.com.

We do not have a brand and / or product that we found to be incomplete and defective in terms of product and / or service quality, stability and continuity and not worthy of our cute friends. If you can't find some brands and / or products on bobyland.com, let us know that this is the reason.

We constantly follow the world and innovations. In this way, we incorporate the best brands and most recently developed products into your life economically.

Moreover, not only from the beginning of the screen, Bobyland Dog Hotel and Dog Training Center every day of the week, we provide one-to-one services.

Because as our furry friends shake their tails happily, we are happy.